Metaphysical Non-Fiction

I have been involved with psionics, energy-working, and metaphysical studies for over twenty years. I hope you will find these books useful to you in your own studies!



Beginning Psionics: A Psionics Training Manual

An introduction to psionics, which is the use of psychic abilities, and beginning training of psi abilities. Learn to develop your psychic senses, and your ability to affect the world around you with these natural skills.  Click on the cover for additional information, and purchase options!












An Energy-Workers' Guide to Real Vampirism

An in-depth exploration of real vampirism for persons who have a background in metaphysics, energy-working, magick, psionics, paganism, and other esoteric paths. Includes information on psychically identifying vampires, cures (and the problems with them), donating to vampires, and defense against vampiric attacks. Click on the cover for more details, and purchase options!